Crave for Prints

So, bought this new dress in Forever 21 and it is more than awesome!  I love it actually.

We are on our way for a vaction when my cousin took this picture of me.


I love it, actually.


Anyway, here is another photo of me with the dress.


So, if you want to know if what is my whole outfit it is:

Jacket from: Mango

Dress from: Forever 21

Sunglasses from: Prada

Shoes from: Aldo







Black and White

Hey! So, here’s an outfit post of mine when I got at an amusement park when I was back at the Philippines. That photo above was at the car. ‘Cause I was jsut so conceited like that!


This photo is at the entrance. It is actually burning hot that afternoon because it is summer.

Here is a picture with my aunts and my sisters.

And lastly:

That was me looking like I was lost! 😀

So, about my outfit,

What I did there was make a combination of black and white to mix with my skin tone.

Since, black and white never goes out of the trend. Also, prints is also one, so same with it.

Dress- Forever 21

Sunnies- Prada

Shoes- Penshoppe

Watch- DKNY

Bracelet- Bulgari (a gift from by BFF)

AND plus, if you are wondering why I have a lot of Forever 21 stuff, It is my favorite, really.

I ALWAYS get shopping hauls in Forever 21. That store is more than amazing.

That’s it! Thanks.